We are a family owned business with Peruvian roots. All our products are made fresh from scratch in our bakery located in Mannassas VA. We specialized in Peruvian desserts, empanadas, custom cakes, breads, icecream and a big variety of cookies. We also serve Peruvian Coffee and homemade sandwiches.

Jennifer Solis

Pastri Chef / Owner


Jennifer was born and raised in Lima Peru, she studied culinary arts after graduating high school, then she decided to move to USA and started working on her dream. She studied baking and pastry arts in New York, after graduating she worked at different bakeries, then she decided to create Dolce Amore "baked with love" desserts and started baking from home. Soon she moved to Manassas, Virginia where she estabilished Dolce Amre Sweets Peruvian Bakery in 2014, Jennifer became a vendor at Manassas Farmers Market where she got the opportunity to shared her knowledge of Peruvian desserts with people from different countries and ethnicities. 2 years later she was part of 5 farmers market within northen virginia and Dolce Amore Sweets started picking up business and more customers. In June 2019 she open her 1st Store front Dolce Amore Sweets Peruvian Bakery in Manassas, Va. she is now sharing her passion for baking Peruvian roots to the rest of the world.